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Attitudinal Healing Principle 6: Forgiving Ourselves and Others

Jerry Jampolsky, one of the early readers ofĀ A Course in Miracles, simplified its complex lessons into the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing (AH). AH groups have grown into a worldwide service that can be applied to almost any difficulty. Today we talk about the process of forgiving, described in the sixth principle.

Ā In my recent blogs, I’ve summarized the first five AH principles:
Principle 1. The Essence of our Being is Love, and Love is Eternal
Principle 2.Ā Health Is Inner Peace, Healing Is Letting Go of Fear
Principle 3. Giving Is the Same As Receiving
Principle 4.Ā We Can Let Go of The Past And of The Future

Principle 5. Now is the Only Time There Is

Principle 6. We Can Learn to Love Ourselves and Others by Forgiving Rather than Judging

In Teach only Love, Jerry Jampolsky writes: “Forgiveness is the way to true health and happiness. When we choose to see everyone as a teacher of forgiveness, each moment gives us an opportunity for happiness, peace, and love.”

The AH Review Principles Booklet states: “Whenever we make a judgment on another person, we make a judgment on ourselves. Forgiving, in the Attitudinal Healing sense, does not mean condoning or agreeing with anotherā€™s behavior or setting ourselves apart and choosing to forgive someone because we feel they did something wrong. It merely means that forgiveness is a vehicle to clarify our misperceptions.

Simply stated, FORGIVENESS IS LETTING GO–choosing not to hang on to a belief that will cause us inner turmoil. In the sense of self, it is up to us to forgive ourselves first by taking responsibility for loving ourselves enough to no longer suffer and to become self-fulfilled.

Using an ā€œattackā€ as an example, there is a concept in the Course in Miracles that helps us to look at another person not as attacking us, but as either asking for help or needing love. In relationships, this is often a most difficult principle to grasp, because our ego mind says that we are being attacked. The fact, however, is that there are no true realities, only perceptions.

A perception is something that, with focus and willingness, our minds are able to change. If we learn to see ourselves as the essence of love, we will have no need to defend ourselves and we can look at the other person in a different light. If we can start to realize that it is only in the places that we feel unconfident or lacking in some way that we can ‘have our buttons pushed.’

When we feel OK about ourselves, there is less of a problem with how another person is behaving. Again, it is only our own perceptions that make us feel that we are being attacked. We have the choice to fill up with the powerful love energy so that we are able to not even have to defend ourselves.

More About Attitudinal Healing

You can easily find Attitudinal Healing groups by searching in your area. They are helpful for anyone who is struggling with any life situation. Many years ago, I joined my mentor, Jane Stallings, in California to become a facilitator for Attitudinal Healing groups. There, I got to meet Jerry Jampolsky (now deceased). What a wonderful contribution he has made to the world!

Source material: Teach only Love by Jerry Jampolsky and AH Review Principles Booklet

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