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What's inside?

Chapter 1: Four Powerful Strategies to Overcome Worry

Discover tactics to dissolve the negative beliefs underlying your worries.

Chapter 2: Getting Honest About Your Worries

Most people won’t really try something new unless they’re convinced their old way isn’t working. What’s not working in your life?  Which whispered lies are seducing you into thinking that, if you could control everything around you, you could finally be happy?

Chapter 3: Claiming Positive Power

You’ll need a source of power to overcome your self-defeating thinking. Consider various conceptions of positive power and select ones that work for you.

Chapter 4: Choosing a New Future

Whether it’s a vision of how you want to act in a specific situation or a dream you’d like to fulfill, you’ll be empowered to create a goal for your new life. Then you’ll commit to do the work necessary to reach that goal–or something even better.

Chapter 5: Using Growth Practices to Recover Your True Self

See how growth occurs in layers, and how the right tools show up just in time. If you suffer from low self-worth or grew up in a dysfunctional family, you’ll find several helpful ideas.

Chapter 6: Healing Your Relationships

You’ll read how I applied honesty, power, choices, and several new growth tools to overcome a terrifying challenge to my marriage.

Chapter 7: Reaping the Rewards: Peace, Clarity, and Connection

Cultivate peace of mind; achieve clarity to fulfill your dreams, and give and receive love throughout the rest of your life.

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