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former queen of worry

Worry Less Now: Tips and Tricks

Gigi Langer knows how to have fun

Defeat Negative Thinking & Be Happy


WRR 2015

Steps 6 & 7: Drop The Rock (Recovery)


letting go of control

A Course In Miracles & The 12 Steps


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Podcast Interviews

THE BUBBLE HOUR with Jean McCarthy Creator of “Unpickled” blog   https://www.blogtalkradio.com/bubblehour/2020/04/13/gigi-langer

PTSD & BEYOND with Dr. Deb Lindh https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ptsd-and-beyond/id1476574809?i=1000476231861

WORRY LESS IN SOBRIETY(Click here: SHAIR PODCAST). The gifted interviewer, Omar Pinto, talks with Gigi about overcoming negative thinking (and lots of details about her marriages!) 

GRATITUDE FOR HEALING (Click here: SOBER GRATITUDESSarah and Gigi talk about the gifts of living a clean and healthy life. 

THE “HIGHER POWER THING”  (Click here: KEEP COMING BACK) Gigi shares her experience, strength and hope in her 12-step program.

HOW TO OVERCOME WORRY (Click here: OVER THE RAINBOW)  Bob Adelman and Gigi share specific tools for overcoming negativity and anxiety. Listen to PART 2 HERE 

SPIRITUALITY WORKS! Click here: MEET ME IN THE FIELD  Freddie Van Rensburg and Gigi discuss ways to find peace of mind and wisdom, even in the midst of life’s troubles.  


EVERYTHING IS IN PERFECT ORDER!  Click here: A POWER GREATER THAN Part 1Sean Hedden interviews Gigi about how to find a power greater than our fears. 

SOBRIETY TOOLS THAT WORK! Click here: A POWER GREATER THAN Part 2.  Sean Hedden interviews Gigi about the tools that help us overcome our fears and worry. 



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I have attended multiple workshops that Gigi has led. I always leave inspired and with a new set of tools to implement in my daily life.

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