About Gigi Langer

Gigi Langer

Gigi Langer, a self-proclaimed “Former Queen of Worry,” has written six books on personal and professional growth. She is a sought-after speaker and retreat leader who has helped thousands of people improve their lives at home and work.

Gigi’s latest book, 50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity and Connection, will be published by Possum Hill Press in February, 2018.  Gigi shares her personal journey as a prisoner of fear, worry, and substance abuse. Learn how she turned her life around by overcoming her negative thinking.  You’ll find over 50 practical techniques to worry less!

As a college professor, Gigi has won several awards for her teaching and writing. Gigi has a MA and PhD from from Stanford University in Psychology and Psychological Studies in Education. She lives happily in Canton, Michigan and Naples, Florida with her husband, Peter and her cat, Murphy.

Gigi knows her own truth and is thereby able to extend powerful hopefulness, wisdom, and insight into her own journey and spiritual connection. — Dawn C., Ypsilanti MI

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Personal Story

My personal story is captured in my latest book “50 Ways to Worry Less Now.”

I wrote this book to share what I’ve learned from my training in psychology and over 30 years applying tools from recovery programs, cognitive therapy, energy work, and a variety of spiritual and scientific teachings.

I have used these ideas to free myself and hundreds of others from worry and I can tell you with confidence that they work!

These are some of the challenges that I’ve faced and overcome so far.

  • Relationship Failures. I divorced my third husband (after marriage counseling and a trial separation) when I was 39 years old. Three years later, I married Peter and we’ve been happily married for 28 years.
  • Chronic Pain. I struggled with back pain for 15 years. Then, both of my shoulders “froze” and hurt constantly for two years. After surgery and physical therapy, I am now pain-free and in excellent health.
  • Dysfunctional Family. I suffered from many of the characteristics found in children of alcoholic parents: anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Through years of work and support from others, I’ve uncovered and healed these patterns.
  • Codependence. When my dear friend battled cancer, and later my husband resumed drinking alcohol, I discovered my overreliance on others’ behavior for my security. Over time, I found my own true source of peace.
  • Overwork and Perfectionism. As a college professor, I wrestled with fierce professional jealousies and insecurities, along with a tendency toward over-work and perfectionism. Eventually, I found a way to be content and productive.
  • Abuse. I discovered memories of early abuse, healed its wounds, and forgave those who harmed me.
  • Substance Related Disorder. For many years, marijuana and alcohol were ruining my relationships and inhibiting my power. I’ve been clean and sober for 31 years and have helped hundreds of women recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

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New Book: Worry Less Now

50  WAYS to WORRY LESS NOW: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity and Connection

New book by Gigi Langer         Available early 2018

Are you worrying about relationship difficulties, family issues, excessive eating, overworking, ongoing pain, illness, financial woes, addictions, or damaging anger? Perhaps you’re seeking freedom from depression, a general sense of discontent, or a lack of purpose. Do you want to stop stressing about the future or reliving past disappointments?

You don’t have to be a prisoner of your worries, no matter what is going on. Discover Four Strategies and fifty tools to defeat your negative thinking.

The result? You’ll be able to:

MANAGE  life’s most difficult challenges with calm wisdom

CREATE relationships that blossom and thrive

FULFILL your dreams without limitations

SERVE others in their personal growth

Review by Christine McCully, LMC, MA

“I’ve become reluctant to recommend personal growth books to my clients because so few seem to focus on taking action. Worry Less Now is different. Gigi is clear, concrete, and supportive. Rather than setting herself up as the authority, it’s clear that she works the strategies and tools as part of her ongoing growth.  She comes across as warm, humorous, approachable, accepting, credible, and sincerely invested in the personal growth of her readers.”

What’s in the Book?

Chapter 1. Four Powerful Strategies to Overcome Worry. Discover tactics to dissolve the negative beliefs underlying your worries.

Chapter 2. Getting Honest About Your Worries.  Most people won’t really try something new unless they’re convinced their old way isn’t working. What’s not working in your life?  Which whispered lies are seducing you into thinking that, if you could control everything around you, you could finally be happy?

Chapter 3. Claiming Positive Power.  You’ll need a source of power to overcome your self-defeating thinking. Consider various conceptions of positive power and select ones that work for you.

Chapter 4. Choosing a New Future. Whether it’s a vision of how you want to act in a specific situation or a dream you’d like to fulfill, you’ll be empowered to create a goal for your new life. Then you’ll commit to do the work necessary to reach that goal–or something even better.

Chapter 5. Using Growth Practices to Recover Your True Self.  See how growth occurs in layers, and how the right tools show up just in time. If you suffer from low self-worth or grew up in a dysfunctional family, you’ll find several helpful ideas.

Chapter 6. Healing Your Relationships.  You’ll read how I applied honesty, power, choices, and several new growth tools to overcome a terrifying challenge to my marriage.

Chapter 7. Reaping the Rewards: Peace, Clarity and Connection. Cultivate peace of mind; achieve clarity to fulfill your dreams; and give and receive love throughout the rest of your life.

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