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 Love More Now!

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Love More Now: Facing Life's Challenges with an Open Heart

Gigi Langer with Love More now book

Love More Now!

Dissolve the negative thinking restricting love for yourself and others. 

Handle relationships and challenges with wisdom, strength, and serenity. 

Drawing on A Course in Miracles and her recovery from alcoholism and codependency, Gigi helps you open your heart (with boundaries). 


 If you ever feel that your life is a failure, please know this: 

At your center is the treasure of your True Self—a being of Love. 

Nothing you’ve done can ruin your essence. 

I used to suffer from codependence, worry, and substance abuse. Now, I’m sober and happily married for 30+ years.

Join me to remove the blocks to your True Self so you can live the life of your dreams: peaceful relationships, stress-free work, self-love, and the wisdom to handle any challenge that comes your way. 

Reviews of Love More Now

“Gigi Langer has hit another home run. Love More Now is a kind, gentle guide to her readers on how to improve their lives by opening their hearts to all those souls who have wandered their way. Through honest and very intimate self-disclosure, Gigi shows how her own life has changed by daring to face her past, and have a kinder, more loving present. The real beauty of this book is the clear, loving, direction as she explains how you, too can change your present.”

Karen Casey, PhD, Bestselling Author of Each Day A New Beginning: Daily Meditations for Women (Alcoholism recovery; 40th anniversary edition).

”Gigi Langer lays out a framework for change that is insightful and useful, without being prescriptive or overbearing. Her suggestions allow leeway for differing beliefs and experiences, empowering readers to make adaptations that fit their perspectives. The book includes a look at Twelve-step practices and explains the intent of each step, inviting readers to consider how they might use these and other tools.”

Jean McCarthy, Author of UnPickled: Prepare to be Alcohol-Free, Producer/Host of The Bubble Hour Podcast

“I absolutely LOVE this book, and I see it flying off the shelves. The reader can easily follow the flow because Gigi did such a beautiful job of clarifying the ideas and tools presented.”

–Harriet Hunter, Author, Miracles of Recovery: Collector’s Edition.

“Langer has penned a real gem for anyone who wants to journey within and shake off the shackles that kept your heart closed. She offers practical examples and exercises to help reawaken your authentic self and embrace all the good life holds for you.”

Lisa Boucher, Award-Winning Author of Raising the Bottom and Pray. Trust. Ride: Lessons on Surrender from a Cowgirl and a King

“For all who doubt that they are lovable; for all who have trouble seeing the love in their spouse, children, friends, and co-workers, please pick up this wonderful book. It will sooth your hearts. Thank you, Gigi, for a further look inside to find the woman my Creator always knew I was.”

Rev. Barbara Brownyard, Interfaith, Interspiritual Minister

“This book is educational, enlightening, and hopeful. It explains how to open up the channel to the true self, even when it’s been closed off. I love how we get to “hold hands while crossing the street of life.” I got a lot out of the sections on being highly sensitive, whispered lies, and the four Rs (Refrain, Reflect, Release, Respond).”

Denise McDougal, Producer/Host of the Recovery Podcast, Beyond Our Wildest Dreams

“Gigi Langer has created a dynamic, interactive book that combines her personal and professional experiences with research and practice. Love More Now invites the reader to examine the concept of open-hearted living, analyze what closes one’s heart, explore strategies to discover one’s true self, and navigate and embrace relationships. The book is punctuated with scenarios, anecdotes, examples, and stories to illustrate ways to embrace life’s challenges with open-hearted wisdom. The chapters present a treasure trove of resources to inspire change and growth for anyone who is ready to embark upon a journey to Love More Now! “

Dr. Pam Robbins, Author and Celebrated International Public Speaker 

“I highly recommend this inspiring book for anyone who wants a more balanced and heart-centered life. Gigi has written a clear guide with many scenarios, methods and tools that show how to create positive change and embrace the power of one’s true self. Important wisdom from a variety of sources, including Twelve-Step principles and mindfulness, show how forgiveness, joy, and resilience are possible when we learn to open our hearts.”

Ann Greaver, Certified Grief Counselor