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Attitudinal Healing Principle 5: Now is The only Time There Is

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Jerry Jampolsky, one of the early readers of A Course in Miracles, simplified its complex lessons into the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing (AH). AH groups have grown into a worldwide service that can be applied to almost any difficulty. 

In my recent blogs, I summarized the first four AH principles:
Principle 1. The Essence of our Being is Love, and Love is Eternal
Principle 2. Health Is Inner Peace, Healing Is Letting Go of Fear
Principle 3. Giving Is the Same As Receiving
Principle 4. We Can Let Go of The Past And of The Future

Principle 5. Now Is The only Time There Is: Pain, grief, depression, guilt, and other forms of fear disappear when the mind is focused in loving peace on this instant.  

In Teach only Love, Jerry Jampolsky writes: “The present is the only time we can choose between love and fear. When we fret about the past or worry about what to do in the future, we accomplish nothing, and this generates various forms of pain. A mental shift back into the present helps remove the source of misery. “

 “I have been impressed with how quickly pain can disappear when we direct our attention outside ourselves in a caring way toward others. This care or joining can be in our willingness to receive love as well as our willingness to give direct help to another.”  

“Our present thoughts and choices are the sole determiner of our present experience. In essence, NOW is the only time there is. It is in the NOW that the love energy comes through us. It is in the NOW that we are not judgmental and we can see clearly what is going on. We cannot control the external world. We will never be peaceful if we try to do so. We can, however, learn to control our thoughts. As we change our thoughts from those of getting to those of giving, we will start to notice evident changes in the outside world.”

Suggestions for Living in the Present

“If we stay in the present, we are best able to deal with anything that comes our way. If we are someplace else, it is not possible to make decisions. 
1) Fear of Future. “How simple it is to acknowledge that we are not in a position to see the outcome of anything, and that all the worry in the world cannot control the future. Simplicity lies in putting effort before results.”
2) Fear of Past. If we analyze the cause of each of our mistakes, we are living in a past that can’t be changed. “How simple it is to resign as our own teacher–to turn quickly from the past, because the present is where our life is taking place.” 
3) Judging is not Love: “We are not responding to this instant if we are judging any aspect of it. The ego looks around for something to criticize, for shortcomings and weaknesses, usually in the past. Love looks upon the world peacefully and accepts; it searches for any sign of light and strength.”  

More About Attitudinal Healing

You can easily find Attitudinal Healing groups by searching in your area. They are helpful for anyone who is struggling with any life situation. Many years ago, I joined my mentor, Jane Stallings, in California to become a facilitator for Attitudinal Healing groups. There, I got to meet Jerry Jampolsky (now deceased). What a wonderful contribution he has made to the world!

Source material: Teach only Love by Jerry Jampolsky and AH Review Principles Booklet

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