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Principle 9: We Are Students and Teachers to Each Other

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Jerry Jampolsky has simplifiedĀ A Course in MiraclesĀ into 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing (AH). Since the 1970s, AH groups have grown into a worldwide service that can be applied to almost any difficulty.Ā  Here we talk about being both students and teachers to one another in our relationships.

In my recent posts, I summarized the first 8  principles:

Principle 9. We are Students and Teachers to Each Other

In Principle 9, Jerry Jampolsky explains, “Peace comes to us when we recognize and demonstrate that all our relationships are equal.”

The concept of student/teacher means that we donā€™t necessarily know what is best for another person. Nor do we have to. Only each of us knows what is best for ourselves. The learning comes with the shared exploration of knowledge with each other where we can build relationships to learn and grow.

It takes away from the hierarchical, vertical type of learning and puts it in a horizontal plain where interchanging student and teacher roles can make active contributions for the ultimate benefit of the whole.

In this type of relationship we tend to feel the freedom to explore ourselves more fully. We have permission to go deeper and not be judged as wrong or foolish. It is this continual effort to give and receive from one another that lets us learn from each other how to experience love. From this we deepen and from this we grow.

As we begin to look at everyone we come in contact with as our teachers, we begin to look at life in another way. We become more observant and become better listeners. We begin to see that there is no order of learning, and that probably children are our best teachers.

Children are open and honest. They have not yet put up the barriers that we adults do. Our barriers are our protective covering that we can learn to release by being with children.

Let’s all share being both students and teachers in our relationships.

Source material: Teach only Love by Jerry Jampolsky and AH Review Principles Booklet

More About Attitudinal Healing

You can easily find Attitudinal Healing groups by searching in your area. They are helpful for anyone who is struggling with any life situation. Many years ago, I joined my mentor, Jane Stallings, in California to become a facilitator for Attitudinal Healing groups. There, I got to meet Jerry Jampolsky (now deceased). What a wonderful contribution he has made to the world!

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