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ATTITUDINAL HEALING PRINCIPLE 7: We Can Become Love and Light Finders

Jerry Jampolsky was one of the early readers of A Course in Miracles, and simplified its complex lessons into the 12 Principles of Attitudinal Healing (AH). AH groups have grown into a worldwide service that can be applied to almost any difficulty.

Today we talk about how to focus on the light–the good–in people, rather than on their faults.  In my recent blogs, I’ve summarized the first five AH principles:
Principle 1. The Essence of our Being is Love, and Love is Eternal
Principle 2. Health Is Inner Peace, Healing Is Letting Go of Fear
Principle 3. Giving Is the Same As Receiving
Principle 4. We Can Let Go of The Past And of The Future

Principle 5. Now is the Only Time There Is

Principle 6. We Can Learn to Love Ourselves and Others by Forgiving Rather than Judging

Attitudinal Healing Principle 7. We Can Become Love-Finders Rather than Fault-Finders

Regardless of what another person’s behavior might be, we can always choose to see only the light of love in that person.

It is very easy to find fault with others. We sometimes feel that if the other person would only change, then we would be much happier. This is another illusion. No one has to change for us to be happy. It is up to us to create our own
When we look for faults in others, it is because we don’t necessarily want to see what might be the same fault, or what we fear could become a fault, in ourselves. Criticizing others is often just an outward manifestation of what is going on inside of our selves.
To practice Attitudinal Healing our job is to start to forgive, stop judging, and to love ourselves and others. When we begin to do these three things on a conscious level, we will automatically begin to see people and things differently. Gray days will not necessarily be “bad” days; they will simply become gray days as opposed to sunny days.
We will start to see the light in each person, because there is a light in all of us. Some of us try very hard to cover it up, but since it is the very essence of us, at some level it will shine through.
The more we can let our own light shine through, the more we can begin to see the light in others.

Source material: Teach only Love by Jerry Jampolsky and AH Review Principles Booklet

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