Well, the time has finally come! After six months of work, next week Robin Waters (narrator) and I are releasing the 6-hour audiobook for 50 Ways to Worry Less Now! You might have a few questions, so here’s a brief Q & A.

If it’s coming out this week, then why does the banner above say Oct. 22-28? This week is the “soft launch” (without a ton of promotion), but you can get it as soon as it goes “live” on Amazon, Audible, or i-tunes. The “full launch” is October 22-28 with all the hoopla of a blog tour.

What’s a blog tour? I’ve hired Jess at Audiobookworm to schedule “hosts” to feature the audiobook on their blogs or websites between Oct 22 – 28. Ideally, this burst of promotion sells a lot of books in a short amount of time, resulting in “bestseller status” on Amazon/Audible.

How can I help? Even if you don’t have a website or blog, you can still do a LOT. And we’d really appreciate it! You can 1) post reviews of the audiobook or 2) participate in the online blog tour.

1) LISTEN TO & REVIEW THE AUDIOBOOK. (I offered a free copy to the first 20 who sign up; but I still have a few more available. If you want one, contact me.) Please post reviews on Audible, Amazon or i-tunes; Goodreads; and all your social media sites. (You can do this anytime.)

2) JOIN THE Oct. 22-26 BLOG TOUR (as a “Host”). To participate, you need your own website (or blog) about Audiobooks, Recovery, or Wellness. During the tour week, you post a review, &/OR audio excerpt, &/OR the cover and description, &/OR a written interview with me. Or, if you wish, I’ll even contribute an article for your blog! ** To sign up as a host: Click HERE between Sept. 22 – Oct. 15, and Jess will send you all the information. Her directions are very clear and she’s so kind. You’ll receive the free audiobook, plus you’ll be eligible to win a free giveaway (your choice of a paperback of “Worry Less Now” with a Workbook, or 2 Skype personal coaching sessions with me).

PS. YOU ALREADY KNOW ME, BUT HOW ‘BOUT OUR AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR, ROBIN WATERS? You may recall that I tried to begin narrating the book myself, but soon found the technology plus all those hours in a closet too daunting! So, I went in search of a narrator and found the perfect person.

Robin Waters grew up in Southern California and left home early to get professional theatrical training and pursue her dream. In her early twenties, she found a new passion–holistic health–and shifted her focus to become a wellness educator.

She currently lives in Canada where she stays busy writing, demonstrating how to cook healthy food, and leading workshops and women’s circles. She loves cuddling and reading out loud with her son and daughter. Now that they are older, she has returned to her first loves of narrating and performance. There is something magical about connecting with others through voice and sharing the human experience with good storytelling and characters. 

Partnering with Gigi to produce this book was a gift, as it was a beautiful combination of her two passions. She has spent a lifetime overcoming worry/anxiety, and finding herself through expression and connection. She hopes this audiobook brings you more inner peace and is a comfort on your journey toward a vibrant life.

Gigi Langer

Gigi Langer holds a PhD in Psychological Studies in Education from Stanford University. She is an acclaimed teacher, author, and speaker who has helped thousands improve their lives at home and work. Gigi hasn’t had a drug or drink for over 30 years, although she does occasionally overindulge in Ghirardelli chocolate and historical novels. She lives happily in Michigan with her husband, Peter and her cat, Murphy.

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