Want to Improve Your Life? TRY MEDITATION!

Like me, do you struggle to meditate?

Even though I know the impressive research on the benefits of meditation (it actually¬†shrinks¬†the part of the brain involved with stress!), it’s SO hard to do first thing in the morning.

Right out of bed, I so enjoy¬†my cup of coffee with Peter, chatting, and watching our cat, Murphy’s, antics. And then, about half the time, I’m off and running–and there goes the meditation right out the door!

I need “training wheels” when trying to establish new routines, so I love it when Deepak Chopra & Oprah Winfrey offer their 21-day meditation series. It’s free and every 4-6 months it’s a different theme, so I learn new stuff.

For example, the one I just listened to was about the role of attention in attracting our desires into our lives. Deepak was his usual clear self as he explained, “What we pay attention to will grow!”

The power source for manifesting our dreams, desires, and intentions is attention.
When attention is focused from the level of true self, our desires easily reach fulfillment.   
Desires that arise from a worried, confused, or agitated mind struggle to be fulfilled.
When we meditate, the intentions arise naturally from the silence, and the energy of attraction automatically obeys what the mind desires.
So, there’s another reason to meditate!! Tapping into my quiet, wise self always yields insights, valuable nudges for action, and great ideas for writing. In fact, I found I couldn’t write my book¬†“Worry Less Now” without it.
If you too need some “training wheels” to learn to meditate, download the app, Insight Timer, or check out some of Kelly Hine’s fabulous guided meditations.
Finally, here’s a little something to make you laugh.
       ??   HOW NOT TO MEDITATE (Susan Morales)
Wear your tightest jeans;¬†not the stretchy kind;¬†the ones that pinch at the waist so your midriff folds over and it’s hard to breathe.
Recall a recent conversation where you felt misunderstood,¬†and analyze what you should have said. Visualize what you’ll¬†do next chance you get.
Find something on your body or clothing to help you fidget, like cleaning your fingernails, picking the pile off your sweater, or winding hair around your finger.
Don’t set an intention or an alarm,¬†look at the clock every time you think of it.
Focus outside yourself, inhale short and shallow. 
Tell yourself you can’t meditate.
PS: I better stop writing this and go do my daily meditation–I didn’t get to it this morning!

gigilanger_worrylessnowGigi Langer is a former ‚ÄúQueen of Worry.‚ÄĚ She‚Äôs also an educator, speaker, and author of 50 Ways to¬†Worry Less Now,¬†winner of the 2018 Indie Excellence Award. Learn to defeat negative thinking, find inner peace, attain clarity, and improve relationships–no matter what is going on in your life!¬†Available through Amazon (5 stars), Barnes and Noble, and e-book sites.

Langer holds a PhD in Psychological Studies in Education and an MA in Psychology, both from Stanford. As Georgea M. Langer, she’s published several books for teachers and school administrators.

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