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I keep running across people who want to improve their lives, but balk at the idea of any kind of “God” or Higher Power to help them. Although they insist their own will and intellect can solve their problems, they usually end up digging themselves in deeper. So, what’s the deal with spirituality?

Does spirituality really have to come down to a label or a certain kind of “faith?” Why not just admit that we can’t get better without the help of something bigger than our own fears and negative thinking?

In his wonderful book, Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality: A Primer, Casey Arrillaga defines spirituality as simply ”a sense of connection to something greater than yourself.” 

He wrote his book especially “for people who hate the idea of spirituality but know that ignoring it or pushing it away hasn’t gotten them where they want to be.”

Spirituality Brings HUGE Benefits

Even if it seems hokey, or woo woo, or stupid to you, it’s worth cultivating a spiritual sense. Check out these research findings reported by Arrillaga.

Spirituality leads to longer lifespans, better recovery from illness and surgery, stronger immune response, decreased stress hormones, and lower blood pressure. It also positively affects peoples’ life satisfaction, and how well they balance positive and negative emotions.  

Spirituality brings people greater hope and resilience, and helps them avoid loneliness and a sense of isolation. Finally, spiritual people are less prone to depression, suicide, addiction, alcoholism, and anxiety.

But, What Do I Call It?

Wondering what to call this sense of connection to something greater than yourself? Here’s how Casey describes what people in Twelve Step programs do. “Some turn to the religious and spiritual touchstones of their culture or upbringing. Others use ideas such as the universe, nature, the ocean, the energy that flows through all things, the wisdom and guidance of past spiritual masters, the life force and connection of everything on Earth, any deity from any religion, loving kindness, your highest self, the ocean, an unnamed spiritual being or entity, all of nature, all of your ancestors, or the small still voice within.”

“Still others turn to the group of people at the meetings as their higher power, saying that they find the wisdom, guidance, support, and love that they need there.” Finally, “there are those who find they are better off not thinking too hard about it and simply say they have a higher power that is on their side, even if they don’t have it clearly defined.”

You can find Casey Arrillaga’s inspiring and informative book, Spirituality for People Who Hate Spirituality, just published this summer, on Amazon, HERE

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Gigi Langer has been sober 35 years, and holds a PhD in Psychological Studies in Education from Stanford University. Formerly crowned the “Queen of Worry,” Gigi resigned her post many years ago and now lives happily in Florida with her husband, Peter and her cat Easter.

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