Can You Guess How Many People Worry Too Much?

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Who’s so Worried? 


What percent of adults worry too  much?  10%  or  20%  or  30% ?         

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 If you’re a worrier, learn 

50 Ways to WORRY LESS NOW:  Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and  Connection       by Gigi Langer, PhD

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Worry Less Now by Gigi Langer

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Learn Four Life Strategies and other tools to:

MANAGE  life’s most difficult challenges with calm wisdom

CREATE relationships that blossom and thrive

FULFILL your dreams without limitations

SERVE others in their personal growth

DISCOVER tactics to dissolve the negative beliefs underlying your worries.

REVIEWS of Worry Less Now

“I loved the simplicity and the host of quickly adopted suggestions. Even though I have been in recovery for more than 4 decades, and thus didn’t really think another self-help book would make it to my treasured list, I was wrong. This book is a winner.” -Karen Casey, best-selling author of Each Day a New Beginning 

Plenty of books advocate countering negative thinking; but too few actually provide step-by-step measures on how to do so. Others simply choose a singular path and follow it. The pleasure of 50 Ways to Worry Less Now lies in its examples, specific exercises, and injections of how the author used various routines to find her way out of negativity.  Highly recommended for anyone who worries too much, lives too hard a life, and searches for a better way.”  – D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review      Full review: 50 Ways to Worry Less Now 

“Reads like a compendium of the world’s wisdom on successful living. These are no set of abstractions found in self-help books; rather they are lessons Langer has learned from painful experience. I am buying copies for my grandchildren.” – Dr. Bob Garmston, California State University

“I’ve become reluctant to recommend personal growth books to my clients because so few seem to focus on taking action. Worry Less Now is different. Rather than setting herself up as the authority, it’s clear that she works the strategies and tools as part of her ongoing growth.”  –Christine McCully, LMHC, MA

“Gigi Langer has moved the self-help genre from quick-fix solutions to outlining a well-researched set of principles/concepts/ exercises that can assist enormously a person who is serious about wanting to worry less and to find peace and connections in his/her life.”  – Sharon Kalbfleisch, MSW

“This is not a one-size-fits-all book. It offers a broad pallet of thoughtful ways one can find a path to a less stressful life. Interspersed with relatable personal stories, I found this book both useful and delightful to read.”  –B. Jorgenson, M.A. Education

“I am not a book critic, but I am a worrier, so I am qualified to highly recommend Gigi’s book. I believe everyone can benefit from reading this book and putting her ideas into daily practice.” –Reverend Cathy Freeman

“While reading this book I felt like I was on a journey, interacting and participating with the strategies.” – Roberta Tankenow, Pharmacist

“Gigi has written a jewel of a book with sharp insight, an open honest heart, timeless wisdom, and inspiration galore. A healing masterpiece if one chooses to use the tools.”  -LiRa Bennett, President, A Place of Well-Being Inc.

“As a mental health clinician for thirty-two years, I’m excited to report that Langer’s book provides a well-thought-out and flexible structure to question worried thinking habits, manage anxiety, and respond in new, healthier ways. One of the best “How To” manuals I’ve read on what it means to be human.     Langer has compiled an impressive array of clinical, medical, and philosophical sources and research. Although some of the tools are spiritually-oriented, they’re not religious or heavy-handed. I can’t wait to tell my clients and colleagues about this wonderful book.” –Coleen Travers, LCSW 

“One of the biggest themes in the book is the whispered lies people tell themselves that encourage negative thoughts, feelings, and attitudes. They’re the icky things you tell yourself that bring you down, and most of the time they just aren’t true. Gigi teaches you how to recognize those whispered lies and create strategies to turn your negativity around. Langer isn’t afraid to discuss her own personal experiences with abuse, addiction, and more. It really humanizes her as a narrator and adds a level of relatability that can be missing when a professional communicates with their audience.” –Shannon Doe, “Millennial Blogger” http:/

“This is definitely the book to have on your shelf, by your bed, near your favorite chair, or on your desk. Her wisdom is definitely a healing gift. Know someone who needs help? Give them this book. No matter what the circumstance, there is something in this book that will help everyone to worry less now.”  – Ginger Wakem

“Excellent book to have on hand to navigate the minefield of life…like going to a mental health grocery store: pick the various tools to create a recipe for peace and serenity.” –Ginna Jordan, Interior Designer

“You don’t have to use all the tools at once. You can piecemeal what you can handle at the time and implement the rest later once you are ready to increase your skill level. A MUST READ for just about anyone!” – Liz Audette, Marketing Professional

“A smorgasbord of helpful ideas and techniques from an author who has been there and done that. Highly recommended.” -Marcie Foster

“This book is a gift to those of us who yearn to defeat worry, negativity, and self-doubt.  It is beautifully written, clearly organized, and filled with life-changing wisdom. Gigi has truly led the way to successful living and made it possible for us to follow.” –Ginny Chism

“Finally!  A book that doesn’t just ‘talk’ about positive thinking…a book that tells you how to get there with very practical tools.  Gigi’s personal examples and forthright approach make this an invaluable resource, for now and in the future.” –Dawn Champanois, Human Resource Professional

“Gigi helps the reader see how we self-sabotage and how we feed off the negative thinking as a way to compensate for the pesky lies we create to make everything seem alright to ourselves and those around us. She teaches how to get honest, then claim your power, then to make choices that are good and then finally, to use these practices to grow within ourselves to be ultimately successful.” –Mary Caliendo, Writer and Editor

“If you want a logical, practical, and precise road map to a positive way of living, read Fifty Ways to Worry Less Now. This inspired book is an easy flowing, solidly packed, and sequential guide to living a peaceful life.” – Bernadette Thibodeau

“ I was engaged from the first chapter to the last page. I plan to share this book with everyone I know.  I will also be keeping a copy in my tool kit.” -Kathy Guzman

“Now I have a go-to book ready to pull out when those whispering lies try to take over or when the going gets tough. A perfect book to pass on to others as they struggle with recovery or other life challenges.”      –Janice Weber

 “This book goes beyond theory and gives you interesting examples of real life challenges and then offers concrete strategies to overcome worry. Whether you have read many self-help books or are just getting started on the journey, there is a valuable gem in this book for you.”          –Annabelle Nesbit

“This book addresses action plans that confront worry head-on in a positive and insightful manner. She includes events from her own life that illustrate trauma, recognition, work, and resolution. By sharing these incidents, Langer exemplifies her own journey with love and grace to help others.” –Lynn Cool

“Easy to understand and well put together. The charts and graphs add further understanding and are well created. The author shares her personal experiences, strength, and knowledge with the reader in an effective manner.”  –Kathy Harenda

 “A mindful anthology of tools and strategies written from the gut. The writing is lovely, clear, filled with tried and true strategies, humor, and authentic voice. Choose the tools that work for you to find serenity in your life.”  -Barb Robb, M.A. Education

“This book offers hope, promise, and potential for anyone ready transform his or her life. It’s simplicity, clarity, and specificity speak directly to all of us who want our lives to be more fulfilling for ourselves and for those we love.”  – Joellen Killion

“Better than a croissant with coffee in the morning! I have enjoyed the opportunity to linger over the words, consider how to apply them in my own life, and cherish the opportunity to pause, focus, and plan for a more meaningful life, one free of the routine stressors that debilitate and drain me without even knowing the effects.” – Jessica Kemp

“After 29 years sober, I now have a book with 50 ways to say, “no”, to my negative thinking. This book is a wonderful tool for anyone on a journey toward peace and sanity.” –Patty Kolesar

“Gigi Langer gives us a precise diagnosis and remedy for the many negative situations that can too easily frustrate the best of our efforts to live clean and sober. The wisdom of this book will guide us through many of our darkest moments to serenity and a new confidence in the joy of life.” –Fred Wass M.H.S. Chaplain

“Gigi Langer’s honesty will blow you away! It is beautifully written; filled with humor and authenticity. As an Alanon acolyte for 20 years, I’ve read dozens of self-help books, and I can recommend Langer’s fresh, honest tutorial on growing into your true, healthy self. –Kathi Dutilh

“A quick and easy read, with many tools to apply for anyone at any point in their life, whether it be addiction, anxiety, co-dependence, or just seeking personal growth. She will have such a positive impact and do such great things with this book! – Tahra Luther, MS,

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THE ANSWER: 28.8 % of adults experience excess worry in their lifetime.  18% experience it in a 12-month period. (National Institute of Mental Health)




A Beloved Author’s Review of Worry Less Now

Worry Less Now“I loved the simplicity and the host of quickly adopted suggestions. They grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. Even though I have been in recovery for more than 4 decades and thus didn’t really think another self-help book would make it to my treasured list, I was wrong. Worry Less Now is a winner. ” – Karen Casey

Karen Casey is the author ofEach Day a New Beginning:  Daily Meditations for Women,” a recovery book that has sold over three million copies.

When I first got sober in the 80s, my sponsor suggested I buy this little book along with two main alcoholism recovery texts. Each Day a New Beginning gave me hope and encouragement to stay the course.

Karen went on to publish over 30 books that inspire every person who reads them. Her other bestsellers include: Daily Meditations for Practicing the Course; Keepers of the Wisdom; Living Long, Living Passionately; and 52 Ways to Live the Course in Miracles. I especially love the last two.

With such a record, how could she not be a beloved author?

You can purchase “50 Ways to Worry Less Now” on Amazon starting February 20th!

Worry Less Now bookGigi Langer holds a PhD in Psychological Studies in Education and an MA in Psychology, both from Stanford University. As a professor, she won several awards for her teaching, and wrote books and articles on educators’ professional growth.  As a person in recovery, Gigi hasn’t had a drug or drink for over 30 years, although she does occasionally overindulge in Ghirardelli chocolate and historical novels. Through speeches, retreats, and workshops, she helps thousands of people improve their lives at home and at work.



Ugh. Conflict! When someone does something that ticks us off, it’s just too easy to react right away. We might even justify our angry response by saying, “Well, I’m just setting a boundary.”

But, any words—even one!—said in the grip of  frustration can make things worse rather than better. 

So, then how do we defend ourselves when we’re hurt? My suggestion is to do nothing . . .for now.

One of the wisest sayings I’ve heard is:  Sometimes waiting is an action.

 The trick is to realize that your riled-up feelings are distorting your interpretation of the events. When in this kind of defending and blaming mode, no good communication can be had. So, it’s best to WAIT until you can perceive the situation from a more peaceful place.

Many people use the three-day rule; they wait three days to gain perspective before taking action, and if still uncertain about how to respond, they wait a few more days.

Here are a few tips to help you settle down, gain a new perspective, and find a source of wisdom to guide you to right actions and words.

  • Try to remember that you won’t feel this way forever. Then WAIT.
  • Remind yourself that, although your feelings seem real, they are not necessarily based on reality. They’re based on an interpretation of a mind too easily offended. And WAIT.
  • Decide to take charge of your mind.
  • Whenever you catch yourself pondering how to fix your situation, STOP! Leave it in your mind and don’t act. Instead, say to yourself, “I want to see this differently.”
  • Say the Serenity Prayer (or another positive phrase) and keep saying it until your worry and need for control fade away.
  • Continue replacing the negative thoughts with positive ones as often as necessary. (This could be a lot!)

Eventually, you will find yourself either completely unconcerned about the problem, or you will intuitively know what to say or do when the time is right.


Gigi Langer holds a PhD in Psychological Studies in Education and an MA in Psychology, both from Stanford University. As a person in recovery, Gigi hasn’t had a drug or drink for 32 years. Through her writing, speeches, retreats, and workshops, she has helped thousands of people improve their lives at home and at work.