Put on the Wings of Your True Self

Have your wings been broken because you flew too close to the ground? 

The image of the angel crashing to the ground is all-too familiar for those of us who have faced illness, addiction, codependency, loss, or other hardships.

And there we lay, broken and miserable, unable to rise again.

If we’re open and willing, however, soon the curative power of love appears, and we rise and rise, until we again fly on toward our dreams.

Then we reach down and help the next angel repair her broken wings, so she can soar in freedom with us.

Willie Nelson’s “Angel Flying Too Close to The Ground” paints it so beautifully. I like this performance on YouTube because, altho’ a bit grainy, it shows some nice close-ups of him singing with wonderful expression. Give it a listen!

Click here to hear Willie sing it.https://youtu.be/c4zkBpFOB_w

If you had not fallen, then I would not have found you,
Angel flying too close to the ground.
I patched up your broken wing, and hung around a while.
Tried to keep your spirits up, and your fever down.
I knew someday that you would fly away,
For love’s the greatest healer to be found.

So leave me if you need to, ‘cuz I will still remember, 
Angel flying too close to the ground.
Fly on, fly on past the speed of sound;
I’d rather see you up, than see you down.
Leave me if you need to; ‘cuz I will still remember,
Angel flying too close to the ground.
wings of true self worry less now

When I first got sober and fell in love with this song, I found the beautiful little figurine shown near the title above.

When one of her wings broke, I repaired it with loving care (you can see the crack between her wings here). Later, as I received the healing power of recovery, I could feel my tiny wings begin to sprout.

Over the years, they grew and grew until I took on the challenge of writing “Worry Less Now.”

To complete that project, I needed a really BIG set of wings. And God provided.
Here are the life-sized ones that live with me right here in my office. Every once in a while, I don them and prance around, giving thanks for Love’s healing power.

How connected are you with your true self, the you that lies in your heart, not your head? Your true self is unfettered by old wounds; it’s courageous, generous, and powerful enough to fulfill your dreams.

And it has WINGS!!

Gigi Langer

Gigi Langer, PhD has helped thousands of people improve their lives at home and at work. She’s written several books for educators, and is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader.  Gigi holds a doctorate in Psychological Studies in Education  and an MA in Psychology, both from Stanford.

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