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Here’s something cool to do with your children or grandchildren. Older kids can also use it with younger ones.

“Kids Write to Read” is a natural method to help anyone “teach” reading to young children.

My friend, Janet Kierstead PhD, developed Kids Write to Read many years ago, and now shares the activities free of charge. According to Janet, “Any child who’s learned to speak can learn to read/write with the same pleasure and ease–if we use Key Words.”

FIND detailed how-to directions at or join Janet’s Facebook Group, Helping ALL KidsWriteToRead   

To Get Started with Write to Read

  • To capture a child’s first Key Word, have them talk about something important to them.
  • Then you write one easy word they’ve used on a sturdy “word card,” and say the names/sounds of the letters,
  • Have the child trace each letter as you say them again.
  • Have them place their word on their “word ring,” (cards on a large key ring)
  • Give them a duplicate of their word card to glue into their writing book and to illustrate. (See examples on website)
  • Once you write a Key Word for the child and they illustrate it, they’ll remember it.
  • Repeat above process until the child has a collection of their own Key Words on a ring. By reading through the words every day, they build confidence with print.
  • The next 6 steps (Illustrated below) lead the child to creating and reading sentences with the Key Words, and others.
kids write to read janet kierstead

Writing is the fail-safe bridge between the child’s speech and reading. 

FIND illustrated directions at Kids Write to Read OR Janet’s Facebook Group Helping ALL KidsWriteToRead   

You’re going to love it! And the children will too!

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