Fabulous New Magazine: HOLA SOBER!

I just LOVE this new FREE full-feature e-magazine–Hola Sober–for sober folks. 

And SURPRISE! The December edition includes Karen Laird’s interview with me! I met Karen last spring in my Worry Less Study Group, and she wrote this fabulous article about it. Thank you, Karen! 

Hola Sober is a fresh, colorful magazine focused on alcohol-free in a drink-drenched world, showcasing sober gold moments, offering inspirational stories, and motivating healthy wellness lifestyle choices.  It is a FREE magazine as the editor believes no one should have to pay for sober inspiration in 2021. 

Here’s the link to the December issue: Click HERE  (If it doesn’t work, you may need to subscribe, but it’s FREE!) Please subscribe HERE.

gigi langer worry less now

Gigi Langer has been sober 35 years, and holds a PhD in Psychological Studies in Education from Stanford University. Formerly crowned the “Queen of Worry,” Gigi resigned her post many years ago and now lives happily in Florida with her husband, Peter and her cat Murphy.

worry less now gigi langer

Gigi’s award-winning book, 50 Ways to Worry Less Now, describes how to correct the faulty thinking leading to addiction, dysfunctional relationships, perfectionism, and worry about loved ones. Check out the practical directions, personal stories, and other helpful growth tools. Amazon: 4.8 stars (Buy Discounted Paperback, e-book, OR audiobook HERE)

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