Reject Worry & Stress with Mindfulness Meditation

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I’ve felt pretty stressed lately as I’ve been learning about book launches, pitches, press releases, tip sheets, and so on. It’s a dizzying array of information!  I keep saying to myself, “I was a Psychology major, not a business school grad!”

Since most of my book budget went to wonderful editors and designers, I decided to study up and do the promotional work myself. Often I worry whether “I’m doing it right.” Ahhh: the achievers’ dilemma:  We try so hard, it can be tough to let go of the results.

Yes, I get the irony: The book’s title is “Worry Less Now.” But now you can see why I’ve needed every one of those 50 tools!

Anyway, I needed to do something to get my head screwed on straight, so I turned to mindful meditation.  A few years ago, I took the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course with Madeline Ebelini at Integrative Mindfulness. After eight 2 & 1/2-hour live sessions, I finally began to get the hang of it.

Research by the developers of the course (Jon Kabat-Zinn & his colleagues at University of Massachusetts Medical Center) shows that consistent use of mindfulness meditation actually DECREASES the area in the brain responsible for stress and anxiety.  Amazing! The MBSR course is offered in person all over the world and also online. Click here for more information.

The meditation I used today, “Mindfulness for Releasing Anxiety,” by Glenn Harrold, is offered free on the app, Insight Timer.

After 20 minutes, I got up feeling centered, confident, peaceful, calm, and receptive to intuitive nudges. I can relax, take action, and let go of perfectionism. Whew! What a relief!

PS: I get no kickback from Insight Timer; it’s just a helpful tool I share with you.

worry , recovery, sanityGigi Langer, Ph.D.  Based on her work in psychology and personal experience in therapy, recovery, and a variety of spiritual teachings, Gigi is a sought-after speaker and award-winning writer and professor.  She holds a Ph.D.  in Psychology and Education from Stanford University.

Gigi lives happily in Michigan with her husband, Peter, and her cat, Murphy. Her new book, 50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection will be released in early 2018.  Learn more at

Are You Stuck? Four Strategies to Get Unstuck

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For the past few weeks I’ve felt stuck in fear and doubt.  I’ve written a new book because I wanted to share the tools that helped me face and grow through life challenges such as addiction, divorce, chronic pain, perfectionism, and co-dependence.  

The book goes on sale in February, so it’s time to start promoting it.  But I’m rather overwhelmed by the prospect.  My mind’s (not-so-helpful) whispered lies chatter away: “It’s too much work! Where do I start? Look how well other authors do it! What’s wrong with me?”

When such worries and negative thinking keep us stuck, how do we move forward? Today, I used four strategies to dissolve my fears and return to my happy, creative, productive self. It’s through struggles like this that I’ve discovered these tools.

1. Get Honest with Yourself. At first, my worries flew under the radar, coaxing me to eat sugary “treats,” binge-watch TV, and oversleep. Fortunately, I no longer use drugs, alcohol, overwork, or sex to avoid my feelings. Those are all dead-ends that stop growth in its tracks.

So, my first step was to honestly admit to myself that my latest challenge had me rattled. Then I could practice self-compassion (, and clear away the shame. (After all, how many authors really do know how to market a book?).

I gain self-honesty most easily when I can share my struggles with healthy friends. Journaling helps too; when my fears are out on page, they don’t seem insurmountable. Quite often I pray or meditate—both help me feel that I’m not alone and shrink my fears.

2. Claim Positive Power. Here’s the step that many balk at: I admitted that my willpower wasn’t going to change anything.  When I let go of my need for control and certainty, I can access a source of power greater than my fears.

My negative thinking told me I must try to figure out the magic formula that would make the book sell. Although it’s true that I do need to learn a lot, I don’t have to motivate myself with such fearful thoughts. My best inspiration and guidance come from a higher, wiser place.

You may be thinking, “Oh, man, here we go with that higher power stuff.” Power and wisdom come from many sources and it’s up to you to find your own. You might use a variety of terms for this power: courage, God, universal truth, providence, true self, angels—it doesn’t matter, as long as proves to be stronger than your fear.

Try reading and listening to words that inspire you. Then, just say to yourself, “Maybe I’ll try trusting a power greater than my fearful thinking.” That’s all that’s necessary.

3. Choose Your Future. Even when I’m stuck, I know what I’d like to have happen. In this case, I wanted the marketing process to get the book into the hands and hearts of the people it will help.

When I was stuck, I didn’t believe this could happen, and I was resentful that it seemed so hard. My mind was so clogged with negativity and fear that little inspiration could enter it.

But I didn’t have to say there. I set aside my worries and stated my goal; then I took actions to stream positive power into my body, mind, and spirit.

4. Use Growth Practices. First, I needed to reinstate my daily practices of reading inspiring writing, talking with supportive friends, meditating, and walking outdoors. I had been lax for the past weeks; that’s why I found myself at the mercy of my fears and doubts.

Your own daily tools for achieving peace might differ, but they will always lower the volume of your worries and whispered lies.

Today I used tapping therapy, a few new chants, and a prayer to dissolve my negativity. As a result, I now trust that the right resources and inspired actions to successfully market my book are on their way. In fact, this article is my first creative action in a while. Whew!

When your own worries and doubts threaten your happiness and productivity, try these four strategies:

  • Honesty: “Here’s what’s going on inside me.”
  • Power: “I claim courage and intuitive direction.”
  • Choices: “This is what I want and I’m going for it!”
  • Growth Practices: “I’m actively connecting with loving power.”

In my own and others’ experience, these practices yield wonderful results:

  • Peace of Mind. Manage life’s challenges with calm, wisdom, hope, and gratitude.
  • Clarity. Fulfill your dreams without limitations.
  • Enjoy relationships that thrive and serve others.

worry , recovery, sanity

Gigi Langer, PhD.  Based on her work in psychology and personal experience in therapy, recovery, and a variety of spiritual teachings, Gigi is a sought-after speaker, retreat leader, and award-winning writer and professor.  She has co-authored five other books for educators.

50 Ways to Worry Less Now will be released in early 2018.  Learn more at

Worry Less Now – A Publishing Adventure

Worry Less Now; Gigi Langer

Worry Less Now ReleaseFor six years, I wrote and revised Worry Less Now!  It contains everything I know about overcoming worry and negative thinking. Very practical; 50 specific tools; lots of stories.

Finally, It’s time to get it out there!

I created my own publishing company, Possum Hill Press, and subcontracted to talented folks who came to me through friends and relatives: Editor, typographer, proofreader, cover designer, photographer, and printing company. And, let’s not forget the social media marketing pro!

This last part’s the hardest for me. I’m not a fan of promoting myself, but I AM a fan of this book! So, here I go, connecting with you!

The e-book and the print version will be available for pre-order in January  2018.

BUT:  Next week I’ll send the print book free to 20 Advance Readers who agree to review or promote it.  Click here if you’re interested:

My early readers love Worry Less Now!  Here’s what they’re saying:

 “I’ve become reluctant to recommend personal growth books to my clients because so few seem to focus on taking action. Worry Less Now is different. Rather than setting herself up as the authority, it’s clear that she works the strategies and tools as part of her ongoing growth.  She comes across as warm, humorous, approachable, accepting, credible, and sincerely invested in the personal growth of her readers.” (Christine McCully, LMC, MA.)

 “Your personal story and the examples of the strategies helping peoples’ lives show that the techniques really work. I learned so much.” (Advance Reader)

Thirty years ago, I was a prisoner of worry who used alcohol, romance, and professional accomplishments to sooth my frayed nerves. But, those ploys only escalated my fears and doubts. Then I decided to stop the self-destruction and learn to be happy.

After 31-years studying and applying tools from recovery pro­grams, cognitive therapy, energy work, scientific literature, and a variety of spiritual teachings, I’ve figured out how to calm my own and many others’ anxieties and fears.

I know you too can overcome your own worries because it only takes one decision: To apply new ways of working with your negative thoughts and feelings. This book teaches you how.

I’ve boiled it all down to four life strategies and fifty practical tools to dissolve the “whispered lies” of negative thinking. The book is chock- full of compelling stories and easy-to-use ideas that empower you to manage your troubling times with calm wisdom, fulfill your dreams, and create loving relationships.

gigilanger_worrylessnowGigi Langer, PhD, is a former “queen of worry.” She’s also an award-winning educator, speaker, and author. Her new book, Worry Less Now.   can be ordered in January 2018. It contains 50 powerful tips to defeat negative thinking, find inner peace, and be happy.