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50 Ways to WORRY LESS NOW:
Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection
by Gigi Langer, PhD

50 Ways to Worry Less Now offers four life strategies and 50 practical tools to dissolve the “whispered lies” of negative thinking. It’s filled with compelling stories and step-by-step exercises that empower readers to manage troubling times with calm wisdom, fulfill their dreams, and create loving relationships.

Release Date (print and e-book): February 20, 2018 (Pre-order Jan. 20)
Available at: Amazon (print & Kindle) and Seattle Book Company
Publisher: Possum Hill Press
ISBN Digital: 978-0-9991220-1-3
ISBN Print: 978-0-9991220-0-6
Page Count: 160 pages
$14.95; Trade Paperback  $6.99 e-book (GooglePlay, Kobo, Nook)
Non-fiction, Self-help

Worry Less Now bookAbout the Author (see video here)

Gigi Langer holds a PhD in Psychological Studies in Education and an MA in Psychology, both from Stanford University. As a professor, she won several awards for her teaching, and (as Georgea M. Langer) wrote four books for educators as well as hundreds of articles on professional growth.

As a person in recovery, Gigi hasn’t had a drug or drink for over 30 years, although she does occasionally overindulge in Ghirardelli chocolate and historical novels. Through speeches, retreats, and workshops, she helps thousands of people improve their lives at home and at work.

Gigi’s latest book began as a memoir chronicling her three short marriages, career as a professional horseback rider, and adventures hitchhiking across the north of Spain–all before she turned 38. Her wise husband suggested that instead, she write a self-help book with “all those helpful things you say when you counsel people on the phone.” At that point, Worry Less Now was born. Throughout the five-year writing journey, the right people showed up at just the right time to make the book interesting, practical, attractive, and clear.

Formerly crowned the “Queen of Worry,” Gigi resigned her post many years ago and now lives happily in Michigan with her husband, Peter and her cat, Murphy.

Press Release 

Possum Hill Press, 2720 Calloway Ct., Canton, MI 48188

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contact: Gigi Langer (734) 358-3292


Do you want to stop dreading the future or reliving past disappointments?

Thirty years ago, Gigi Langer was a prisoner of her worries who used alcohol, romance, and professional accomplishments to soothe her frayed nerves. After studying and applying tools from recovery pro­grams, scientific research, and a variety of philosophical and spiritual teachings, she stopped drinking and discovered how to overcome her own anxieties and stress.

Worry Less Now offers four life strategies and 50 eclectic tools to dissolve the “whispered lies” of negative self-talk. Although many books address negative thinking, very few give the reader step-by-step directions on how to defeat it. Others simply advocate a single approach.

With candor and humor, Langer describes a wide variety of strategies that helped her and others defeat dysfunctional relationships, perfectionism, addiction, and worry about loved ones. As an award-winning writer and professor, Langer skillfully shares compelling stories and exercises that empower readers to:

  • MANAGE life’s most difficult challenges with calm wisdom
  • CREATE healthy relationships that blossom and thrive
  • FULFILL their dreams through positive thinking
  • SERVE others in their personal growth

Regardless of the situation, Worry Less Now will help you gain peace, clarity, and wisdom.

Gigi Langer, PhD is a seasoned author in education (as Georgea M. Langer) and popular speaker who has helped thousands of people improve their lives at home and work. She’s a person in recovery who hasn’t had a drug or drink for over 30 years. Gigi holds an MA in Psychology and PhD in Psychological Studies in Education from Stanford University.


North American Distribution: Seattle Book Company; Amazon  $14.95

ISBN: 9780999122006 (print) 9780999122013 (e-book); 160 pages;

Non-Fiction: Self-Help; Format: Trade Paperback

Available: February 20, 2018 (print and e-book)  Pre-orders begin January 20, 2018

Praise for “Worry Less Now”

“Langer speaks from hard-won experience in her valuable, heartfelt manual on curbing excessive worrying. After having readers evaluate their own anxiety levels, the author offers four basic steps: getting honest about one’s worry; claiming power over it with the help of God or another “positive power”; consciously reframing worry as opportunity in one’s mind; and using 50 “growth practices,” including meditation, to keep calm. Langer calls the root of many worries “whispered lies”—undermining thoughts like “I’ll never have enough money” or “relationships just don’t work for me.” She challenges readers to replace them with “truth phrases,” by writing down negative thoughts, analyzing them, and reframing the negative self-talk as something positive. Langer advocates forgiveness of others, no matter how hard this may be, as well as taking personal responsibility for one’s own attitude and behaviors. Lest anyone think that the author is preaching from a distance, Langer doesn’t hold back on sharing painful examples from her own life, such as a confrontation with her husband over his alcoholism. Langer’s frank and empathetic tone will comfort readers, as will the practical steps she teaches in this tome.” Featured Book, BookLife by Publishers Weekly

“I loved the simplicity and the host of quickly adopted suggestions. They grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. This book is a winner.”  Karen Casey, best-selling Hazelden author, Each Day a New Beginning

“50 Ways to Worry Less Now: Reject Negative Thinking to Find Peace, Clarity, and Connection comes from an author who is personally as well as professionally familiar with her topic. Thirty years ago, she used alcohol and professional obligations to escape worries. It took a blend of recovery programs, therapies, and spiritual insights to finally lead her to calm her own fears and those of others; and 50 Ways to Worry Less Now reflects this process, synthesizing it into four life strategies and some fifty tools that squelch negative thinking patterns.  Readers needn’t expect a complicated journey, here. Dr. Langer has already done the legwork in this process, and her book moves easily from managing stress to channeling it into positive avenues, then eventually giving back to others.   What could have been a complicated read with demanding routines is thus condensed into a series of stories and examples that are easily absorbed, in digestible chunks that even the busiest person can readily read. These are paired with ideas for action that range from developing one’s own growth program to identifying ‘whispered lies’ and developing antidotes to negativity through positive reflections.  Plenty of books advocate countering negative thinking, but too few actually provide step-by-step measures on how to do so. Others simply choose a singular path and follow it. The pleasure of 50 Ways to Worry Less Now lies in its examples, specific exercises, and injections of how the author used various routines to find her way out of negativity: ‘These exercises helped me see my divorces and addictions as merely misguided attempts to find love and security.  I let go of my self-condemnation and began to believe I could be happy.’ The result is an important set of guidelines that any reader can easily follow, highly recommended for anyone who worries too much, lives too hard a life, and searches for a better way.”– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Langer (Educational Psychology) writes from both experience and expertise when she describes the power within to handle difficult life challenges, create meaningful relationships, and fulfill one’s wildest dreams. Four strategies (“get honest,” “claim power,” “make choices,” “use growth principles”) and 50 tools for defeating negative thinking, plus self-quizzes, action steps, personal anecdotes, and success stories show readers how to create a life-affirming environment and build confidence. VERDICT Langer’s homing in on all the aspects of negative self-talk and worry add breadth to her advice and make it a powerful tool for readers. – Library Journal

I’ve become reluctant to recommend personal growth books to my clients because so few seem to focus on taking action. ‘Worry Less Now’ is different. Rather than setting herself up as the authority, it’s clear that she works the strategies and tools as part of her ongoing growth. She comes across as warm, humorous, approachable, accepting, credible, and sincerely invested in the personal growth of her readers.” — Christine McCully, LMC, MA

50 Ways to Worry Less might be retitled, 50 Ways to be Full of Life, Positivity and Well Being. Langer’s book reads like a compendium of the world’s wisdom on successful living. One can open practically any page and find concrete ideas to live positively in the present. These are no set of abstractions found in self-help books; rather they are lessons Langer has learned from painful experience. She is candid and vulnerable in this book that is worth keeping close at hand. Many will find connections to their own struggles now and in the past.  I am buying copies for my grandchildren.” —Dr. Robert J. Garmston, California State University

“Gigi Langer’s honesty will blow you away! She charts her own recovery,step by step, using tools and strategies that have worked for her. So this is personal.  She has pulled the best ideas from many resources and organized the chapters for easy reference. It is beautifully written; filled with humor and authenticity. As an Alanon acolyte for 20 years, I’ve read dozens of self help books – and I can recommend Langer’s fresh, honest tutorial on growing into your true, healthy self.” Kathi Dutilh

“Gigi has written a jewel of a book with sharp insight, an open honest heart, timeless wisdom, and inspiration galore. A healing masterpiece if one chooses to use the tools.” LiRa Bennett, President of A Place of Well-Being Inc.

Book Excerpt

Longer Book Description
Are you worrying about relationship difficulties, family issues, excessive eating, overworking, ongoing pain, illness, financial woes, addictions, or damaging anger? Perhaps you’re seeking freedom from depression, a general sense of discontent, or a lack of purpose. Do you want to stop stressing about the future or reliving past disappointments?

Thirty years ago, Gigi Langer was a prisoner of her worries who used alcohol, romance, and professional accomplishments to soothe her frayed nerves. After studying and applying tools from recovery programs, cognitive therapy, energy work, scientific research, and a variety of spiritual teachings, she figured out how to calm her own and
many others’ anxieties and fears.

Worry Less Now offers four life strategies and 50 practical tools to dissolve the “whispered lies” of negative thinking. It’s filled with compelling stories, practical ideas, and step-by-step exercises that empower you to:
• MANAGE life’s most difficult challenges with calm wisdom
• CREATE relationships that blossom and thrive
• FULFILL your dreams without limitations
• SERVE others in their personal growth

In the early chapters, you’ll learn how to get honest, claim power, make choices, and use growth practices You’ll see how the strategies dissolve the negative effects of relationship failures, sickness, perfectionism, and substance abuse. Later chapters
illustrate how the system heals the effects of dysfunctional families and worry about loved ones. Regardless of the situation, you’ll learn how to gain peace, clarity, and wisdom.

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Topics: Overcoming worry; Recovery from addiction, alcoholism, abuse, and dysfunctional upbringing; Spiritual and non-spiritual growth; Coping with tough times; Science of Positivity; Codependence in relationships; Hope for the future; Realizing your dreams; Mindfulness; Peace of MInd

Interview Questions: Why did you write this book? What did you hope to accomplish? What does the reader gain? Why are you qualified to write this book? What challenges have you overcome? How is this book different? What makes you interesting? Answers here.

Worry Less Now; Gigi Langer
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