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Ack! They’re Saying The Lord’s Prayer!?!

Did you ever sit in a church or a 12-step meeting and cringe while they recited the Lord’s Prayer? I sure did! I wasn’t too sure of the wording, nor was I one-hundred percent willing to believe it. 

After a few months of blindly repeating the prayer (I wanted to fit in, after all!), I found this helpful explanation from Unity church, and it still makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe it will appeal to you. Or not. Check it out.

PS. At the end of the article, I’ve included the link to the entire chapter on the Lord’s Prayer from Emmet Fox’s classic, The Sermon on the Mount. It’s worth reading!
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The Lord’s Prayer (Unity Church of Ann Arbor)

Our Father who art in heaven: We are now yet more aware of your infinite and eternal presence, in whom we live and with which we think and create.
Hallowed be thy name: Your presence in us is whole and complete. It is the activity of health that heals, of intelligence that inspires, of substance that prospers, and of love that harmonizes. Your name—your nature—is perfection itself and truly worthy of our complete devotion. So, your name is hallowed.
Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven: We are your glorious possibility. We now let your perfect idea of us unfold in us and through us. Our desire for betterment is your desire to perfect that which you are expressing as us, as we let you have your way. We see ourselves doing that which you see us as being. We will to will thy will, and your heavenly kingdom is come—right here and now. Thank you, God.
Give us this day our daily bread: We really have no existence outside of your presence, for we are your presence expressing as us. Therefore, we can never be separated from the all-sufficient substance of your opulent universe. We now claim our divine inheritance, and perpetually manifest your abundant supply. So, you do give us now—this day—our daily bread. Thank, you, God.
Forgive us our debts (sins*) as we forgive our debtors (those who sin against us*): Your presence in us is our potential for dissolving all conflict or resentment. Your presence is Love, and it loves in us and through us as we forgive. It releases us as we loose and let go of all limited thoughts about ourselves or about those who seem like others. Yet we know that we are truly one in Spirit, so we forgive, and we are forgiven. Thank you, God.
Leave us not in temptation (Save us from the time of trial, and*) deliver us from evil (ego): Your presence in us is our light and our deliverance. There is no darkness in light, and there can be no darkness in us, as we are established in spiritual unity with your indwelling presence, which is “better than light and safer than a known way.” You do not leave us in temptation, but you do guide us through seeming trial. Thank you, God.
For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever: In all that we seek to be or do or have, we realize that only in your presence is our power to think, our very thought of aspiration. Your will is our will to commence. Your strength is our strength to continue. Your power is our power to achieve. And the glory of all our accomplishments belongs to You. Thank you, God.
Amen: This is the truth. It is done.
* Material with asterisk and in parentheses comes from the 1988 translation of the ecumenical English Language Liturgical Consultation (ELLC)

Emmet Fox’s Interpretation of the Lord’s Prayer

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